I always read FAQ as fack and I don’t plan on changing this

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If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one.
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If you’re like me and rarely delete text messages— going through old messages can be… something. I’m realizing just how many people have come and gone in my life. The people you never really talked to, but somehow ended up texting a few times. The people you only interacted with when one of you needed something. The people who you were never really “friends” with, but they were nice and you got along, so you somehow exchanged a few messages. You even shared a few words with the people you disliked. The most intriguing, though, is seeing the change in interaction with the people you used to talk to everyday. Noting how you guys considered yourselves “close” at one point in time, and now you only hear about them on this or that social media site due to the lack of effort of all sides involved. In any case, I wish everyone best of luck in all their endeavors. 

Charlie Day’s Merrimack College Commencement Address. [x]

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girls masturbate girls grow body hair girls have stretch marks girls get acne girls poop girls burp girls have all normal body functions that men do stop stigmatising all of it im so mad

guys get sad guys can bake guys break down guys want to be held guys cry guys scream into their pillow guys can have a hard time being manly so if you want us to see what you physically do as acceptable don’t mock us for being emotional

I love this

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i dont understand people who only sleep with one pillow